MS excel is the best application for performing data entry and calculations. The application has been used in many departments because it allows data manipulation in different ways. It is wise that you learn to use some commands while working with MS excel so that the calculations are easy for you and you take less time. Accuracy is also enhanced when you use commands and formulas in your calculations. The process of learning these formulas is easy, and it will pay you big time. Make the best decision today by taking in some tutorials on how these commands are useful.

Where you have large data sources like SQL, you will need to use a different platform which allows you to retrieve the files and use them in excel. The data is auto filled in the cells. It is therefore important that you learn three ways to perform an Excel SQL query. The export SQL table to excel spreadsheet can be imported through connecting to an external data source, parse fields or table of contents. This is done automatically thus saving you the time you could be doing the manual entries. After you have completed the importing, you can sort your SQL files and perform different operations.

To Import JSON to Excel, click on create a new workbook, or open an existing workbook which you want to source your data from. Then click on DATA. Open the data source to be in the file name which you want to get the details from. Click on import. The file is automatically connected to the documents which you want to retrieve your files from. When this has been completed, it is going to be an exciting experience finding all your data. You can also use the Populate data table from JSON String in Excel. It is an easy process which can be completed on the new workbook you have opened.

The other important thing is learning on how to create a dropdown in Excel. Creating a Dependent Dropdown in Excel is easy and helps you in the fast entry of data in the working area. It is encouraged that you find the drop down menu from the spreadsheet status bar and press. An auto table is provided where you make some entries. Using Tables as References for Dropdown Lists in Excel makes the work more presentable. It is very easy to combine other applications and excel.

Check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/06/you-cant-escape-the-hegemony-of-the-spreadsheet_n_6816570.html for more info.


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